In recent years, our company has recorded a dynamic increase in production and sales. We strive to ensure that our recipients receive a product that meets their expectations. Our mission is to guarantee the quality of our products, we do everything to meet the expectations of customers. Our goods have gained recognition in retail stores throughout the country, in large trade companies and wholesalers. Apart from the domestic market, we also sell our products abroad

Flooded candles

Available in various shapes, sizes and colors, flooded with paraffin mass into a glass container, and covered with a metal lid.

Candles with an insert

Occur in various shapes, sizes, colors and ornamentation. Covered with a decorative plastic cap, and planted on a plastic decorative stand. The time of burning candles with an insert depends on the size of the insert used and the atmospheric conditions.

Inserts refills

We offer paraffin inserts refills in many sizes, consisting of a plastic colorless tube, a wick flooded with paraffin mass. The time of burning depends on atmospheric conditions.

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